10 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Closet

10 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Closet

Some trends come and go and with that being the case there are those key pieces that should be found inside every girls closet, especially fashionistas! I did a similar post in the past but over time it’s become more evident how essential it is to have these handy.

  1. White Button Down

    The white button down is one of the most versatile pieces any woman could own. Wear under a blazer, or with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or even under a dress.You can never go wrong with this classic piece.
  2. Black Pencil Skirt

    Like the white button down a black pencil skirt is classic and a must-have.  It’s safe to wear to the office or for a casual brunch date, in other words, dress up or down and either way, you’re good to go.
  3. LBD (Little Black Dress)
    I mean, do I really have to say why you need an LBD?! Check out the styles here for the perfect one for any event.
  4. Black Trousers

    Now the black trouser pants are so under estimated! Because of my line of work it’s always to good to have a pair especially when I don’t feel like wearing a dress or skirt (mainly because it’s too cold LOL).
  5. Black Pumps
    …Because they go with everything. Need I say more?
  6. Nude Pumps

    Any neutral colored shoe elongates the legs and nude pumps are for sure a must.  Paired with jeans, dresses, or skirts, they provide balance for earthy tones and bright colors
  7. Black Blazer
    Oh so necessary! Hello, black goes with everything and a tailored black blazer is that piece to tie an entire look together.  I love wearing black blazers with skinny jeans and boots.
  8. Fitted Jeans
    By “fitted” I mean that they FIT you; not too tight, not too baggy.  I’m talking about no muffin top and not walking around looking like a garbage bag.  Length is important too especially when you’re petite.  You don’t want to wear a pair of jeans that is so long, that when you roll them up it looks bulky. I hate that!!  If I need to I roll them under. That’s my trick for giving that illusion of the perfect length.  That and just buying them in “s” (short).
  9. Classic Beige Trench Coat
    Ok, maybe it doesn’t have to be beige, but, a classic trench coat is so sophisticated to me.  It means business.  And yes, I prefer a classic trench in classic beige.  There’s something polished about it paired with skinny jeans, a simple white tee and leopard heels…it’s that no fuss, street chic look!
  10. Comfortable Flats
    If you’re constantly on your feet then having a pair of comfortable flats on hand is so important. I like to wear flats whenever I’m commuting and change into heels once I reach my destination.  Walking in some parts of these New York City streets can really do a number on your shoes and after awhile, the heel is all jacked up and you have to spend money to fix them.  No, no, no, true New Yorkers wear flats ok? (j/k) (not really) 😉

If you’re on the hunt for these staple items and then some, visit A Mavens World. They have affordable, trendy, and truly unique pieces to will add that extra oomph to your closet.Which one of these 10 must-haves do you still need?