Pairing Maven Fashion with Every Day Elegance from Tiffany & Co.

Pairing Maven Fashion with Every Day Elegance from Tiffany & Co.

As women on the go, we are always trying to find that work to evening wear; that ability to exude everyday elegance. One of the great, yet underutilized ways to transition is by adding a bracelet.

One of the brands that has consistently been defining and redefining classic elegance since they began in 1837 is the iconic Tiffany and & Co. For this post, we’ll look at how to pair Maven’s World pieces with

Tiffany & Co bracelets from their modern, Paloma Picasso®, Atlas® and Tiffany T collections. These pieces are great staple pieces that will keep you looking classic yet fresh throughout the season.

The first classically elegant piece is in the Paloma Picasso® collection. The delicate “Olive Leaf” cuff (starting at $1150) can bring structure to the Oversized Knit Sweater w/ Twist Center Front ($40). If you want to add even more elegance, you can purchase a cuff for each arm to create your own unique look.

Add a Maven faux leather skirt (starting at $40) if you want more edge or wear a classic jean, black or mute colored legging. You’ll want the pattern of the bracelet to be the focal point, so keeping the color of your bottoms more muted, will really make it stand out.

One of the most versatile collections that Tiffany & Co. has is their Atlas® collection. I absolutely love their “Atlas® link bracelet” in sterling silver ($1200). The symmetry of the circle with the Tiffany Roman numerals exemplifies the modern classic look. The invisible clasp folds into the circular pieces so there is no extra links that can sometimes cause snags. It can also easily be customized to your preferred length.

This look would pair well with the Maven Happening dress, and in this combination you certainly will be.

Another piece in the Atlas® Collection that are great for everyday elegance, are the “Atlas® bangles” which come in (starting at $550) and the ”Atlas® wide cuff” (starting a $1950). These bracelets can be worn solo or stacked for a more robust look and would add texture to the Maven Vspired dress.

The final collection of classic yet modern elegance for Tiffany & Co. is their latest collection the Tiffany T.

My most favorite piece of all the collections has to be the “Tiffany T Bar Hinged Cuff” (starting at $2800).

The piece is simple and modern, and can easily accessorize anything that Maven carries, but I would certainly pair it with the Blk dress ($45).

So there you have it, a few of the ways that you can add pop to your wardrobe that will last for seasons to come. Happy pairing!

All of these pieces and more can be found at the newest Tiffany & Co.


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