What Your Sunglasses Say About You

What Your Sunglasses Say About You


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Oversized Rounder Glasses: Mysterious

Strangers are intrigued by you and friends are always curious about your personal life (you don’t have a Facebook profile). You have many secrets and your favorite color is black.


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Round frames with gold edge (similar style): Free Spirit

You’re a child at heart and your free spirit is contagious. You are always planning your next adventure – whether that’s attending a music festival or backpacking through Europe. Your style is effortless and so are you.


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Baroque Sunglasses: Glamorous

You’re a more is more kind of girl. You turn heads everywhere you go and you’re always dressed to impress. You enjoy sipping on a Grey Goose martini and you’re well versed on current events and can carry a conversation with anyone you meet (New York Times is the homepage on your iPad).