Our Brand Essence

Our Brand Essence

A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand is committed to connecting people and helping you use those connections to empower your life.  It is that commitment that inspired the A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand logo and brand declaration:  Connecting People. Empowering Life.   The single white bird in flight that is embedded in our new logo is a symbol of the freedom to live a life of your choosing, freethinking and creative, not constrained by obstacles or borders. The three colors in our logo also have meaning:

  • Black: power, elegance and strength
  • Pink: love, feminine and charming
  • Blue: confidence, wisdom and loyalty

We hope you will be encouraged and inspired by our brand message as you set out to make connections that empower your life.

Message from the Founder

Several years ago, I set out to create a world in which people who are facing obstacles and encountering challenges can feel safe instead of scared, empowered instead of defeated, and be rewarded instead of rejected.   


As the youngest of seven kids, I was encouraged to be freethinking and creative and empowered to live my passion. I was also rewarded for accomplishing difficult tasks.  Knowing that I was going to get something for working hard made me not only work harder, but it made the hard work fun.  In 2011, I created a business that not only keeps my wonderful childhood memories alive but uses those memories to encourage, reward and empower entrepreneurs, mavens and anyone else who wants to ignite their inner passion.  


Thank you for being part of A Maven’s World.  We are excited about helping you make connections, empower your life, and enjoy the many rewards that await!