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We are dedicated to motivating, inspiring, guiding, and enabling individuals to enhance their business, fashion, and social lifestyles. By evoking an emotional connection to A Maven’s World, we empower an individual to ignite their inner maven!

Events We Support

boston busliness builders

Sunday, June 25th 11:00AM-4:00PM: Boston Business Builders with... Professor Devin Robinson, Monica Cost, Anna Foster & Noah B. Jones

What is separating your small business from the companies that have lasted for multiple generations? Boston Business Builder is an event crafted for the entrepreneur spirit that is in need of an aggressive guideline of direction. Join us on June 25th, 2017 at the Boston Business Builder for a live panel discussion with Atlanta's Professor Devin of what are the 3 key elements that are preventing our businesses from building into empires and the solutions. - Having access to adequate capital - Hiring high-skilled employees - Attracting high paying customers



Thursday, June 29th 6:00PM: Giving Nonprofit Life Seminar

What drives you to create a nonprofit? Why so many moving parts to a nonprofit? Should I even start a nonprofit? Does your head spin when you think about starting a nonprofit? This is a seminar for you. Patricia Timmons, M.Ed will have an


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